what makes a home

This is me, this is now: earnestly trying to preserve scenes from my Portland home in my last days here. That I have come to call this place home is both magic and mystery. I do not understand it, and do not attempt to unpack the meaning of it all just yet. But just that it was, is enough. Is more than I could ever have asked for. 

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Memories made on a faulty camera in my mind. Sometimes I don't have much to say about things– and besides, people forget what words are spoken and what deeds are done. But the feeling. Always the feeling.

Song by James Vincent McMorrow; I know I'm a little late, but have not been able to stop listening to Post-Tropical for the life of me. Also, this series of films directed for the album by Aoife Mcardle are really something else.

Hope you are so well, whoever and wherever you are.

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evening scenes

Currently finding beauty in

Things have been stupid, crazy busy around here- in the best possible way. It's truly serendipity when I can pull out my camera to catch some of the moments that make up this whirlwind life. Hugs and kisses to my friends who bear with me when I inevitably turn happy hour into this.

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Scenes from a Saturday morning: the kind where you sleep in till 10, stare at the ceiling for a moment too long, fix a careless breakfast on your sheets, page restlessly through half a book, make cavernous blanket sculptures, roll around to the ends of the island that is your bed, all the while disregarding the state of your bedhead because the shower seems worlds away.

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New York | in motion

If ever there were a city that begged ambivalence - romanticism, volatility, frenetic energy all at once- it would be New York. The city gathers momentum from all its bustling pockets and hits you with unapologetic force, like a train on the tracks. And the movement is ceaseless; always somewhere to whirl through, always something new to see. Even whilst walking, one must crane their necks up to take in countless skyscrapers puncturing the skyline, all the while maneuvering the jostle of passersby. Thus, the best way to compress the memories of my trip was to encapsulate the constantly moving spirit of the place: New York in motion.

Some of our favorite stops in the city:  

     to eat | ABC Kitchen, Freemans, 5 Leaves, Ippudo, Halal Guys, Levain Bakery, Burrow Bakery, Momofuku Milk Bar
to unwind | La Colombe, Stumptown, Gasoline Alley Coffee, AP Cafe, McNally Jackson 
to see | High Line, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park

Missing my favorite New Yorkers @fannieseo and @squeakyhsu & my soul/solemate @junebugkim right about now. Hoping to revisit the city sooner than later! 
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Portrait of a Mother

In attempting to paint a portrait of my mother, I chose not to highlight the extraordinary sacrifices she has made for our family- which are many in number. Rather, I see her love most profoundly in the simplest of acts: the fact that she wakes up to prepare breakfast for each member of the family, every morning without fail. 

From the slow weekends of makeshift brunch to the wee hours of the morning that shed no light to greet her, she has always made sure that no one leaves the house with an empty stomach. And it's the dutiful repetition of this act that shows her depth of love. What is said passionately evaporates; it's what is done as a matter of fact that is telling and lasting and precious. 

Amazing woman, she is. Thanks Mom. 

"Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." -Mother Teresa

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The Art of Breakfasting

Breakfast was always a meal that, more often than not, went neglected for the sake of a few more moments under the covers with the snooze button relentlessly ticking away. I was lucky if I managed to hastily scarf down a piece of burnt toast as I rushed off to class.

But things have changed now. The post-grad life welcomes morning hours that stretch into a pleasant expanse of quiet. And with that comes the realization that breakfasting can be so much more than a matter of physical nourishment. Recently, I've found that taking a few moments to collect your scattered thoughts over a cup of tea can make all the difference. When your day is an endless momentum of movement, the intervals of stillness act to create a rhythm out of the blur. 

It seems that the art of breakfasting deserves some more credit from us all.

Soundtrack to my most recent breakfastings
pear & almond butter toast w/ honeykale, egg, soy ginger vinaigrette over ricehazelnut chocolate toast
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